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Our frequently asked questions database contains over 100 questions and answers related to concerns and queries with your 4QHost account. The database is constantly updated and if you would like to see a Q&A added please email us.

Server and Network Questions
  1. Where are your servers located?
    All of our high-performance servers are located in Dallas, USA at the multi-million dollar high performance The Planet data-center.

  2. Why are your servers located in the USA ?
    Our servers are located in the USA due to the unrivalled infrastructure and global connectivity available. Response times to sites hosted in the USA are often superior to those hosted anywhere else in the world, no matter where you accessing from. You may think of the USA as the central hub of the Internet. In addition due to the fibre capacity available in the USA bandwidth prices are significantly lower than anywhere else in the world.

  3. Which data center are your servers located at?
    Our servers are located in The Planet data center, one of the only true NOC's. They has huge fiber commitments with the following carriers, totalling over 4.5 gigs: UUNET, Level 3, and EPiK. By doing so, they ensure 0:00 down time.

  4. What are the specifications of your servers?
    Our servers consist of a minimum of 1024mb DDR RAM with at least an Intel Pentium 4 2.66ghz processing unit.

  5. Do you have an IP address I can test with ping and traceroute?
    Yes, can ping and traceroute to

  6. How many sites do you host on each server?
    We do not have a predefined limit, nor can we give you an estimate. Resource usage is continually evaluated on each server to ensure there are no bottlenecks in the serving of your web pages. You'll find each and everyone of our servers extremely responsive as we never overload our servers.

  7. Who monitors your servers?
    Our data center monitors our servers 24hrs a day 7 days a week, hence we are alerted to any problems within minutes, we have an arrangement with the data center to immediately notify us and begin troubleshooting any problems. For integrity we also use Alertra third-party monitoring service.

  8. How often do you upgrade your servers? How does this affect me?
    We take a proactive approach to upgrading our servers and ensure upgrades are carried out well before resource capacity is reached. Occasionally we will install more memory or increase the processing power. You will be notified in advance of any upgrade work and your files will not be affected.

  9. What OS do your servers run? Do you run Windows or UNIX?
    For Linux/Unix our servers run Red Hat Linux 9.0/ Red Hat Enteprise 3.0 Server. Linux is a robust, highly efficient, multi-user, stable and reliable operating system. Linux runs the vast majority of Internet web sites; we estimate that over 45% of web sites utilize Linux servers. It is important to note that our services are not platform dependent, and of course you can upload files and manage your web site from any version of Windows.

  10. What web server software do you run?
    We run the Apache web server software for Linux/Unix hosting and IIS for our Windows hosting.

  11. What Kernel do you use?
    We always have latest custom compiled for best performance.
Billing and Fee Questions
  1. What currency are your rates listed in?
    All of our rates are listed in US dollars. (USD)

  2. What is the billing schedule?
    We bill every 30 days from the day you sign up or 365 days in case you opt for yearly billing.

  3. Will my credit card be charged automatically every billing cycle?
    No, we do not automatically charge your credit card. You must log into the billing system each month/year, after you receive your emailed invoice, and submit payment. We do not keep any credit card information on file.

  4. How do I pay my invoice?
    Once you log in at mb/user.php look where it says "Invoice Stats". You should see a Total Due [1]. Click on the number 1.
  1. That will take you to a screen that has your invoice information. Click on the Invoice Number.

    This will pull up your invoice that needs to be paid on which you will have two payment buttons. One is a pay online button which is for credit card payments and the other is for paypal payments.

    *** IMPORTANT - To update info****
    Before attempting to pay your invoice, it is extremely important that you do the following:

    Click on the "My Info" button at the top on your screen and then click "Update". You MUST update your contact information and email address. Please make sure this information is always current.

    If you do not update your info, there is a possiblity that your
    payment will be cancelled and your account closed. You will
    only need to do this once unless you contact information changes in the future.

  2. What happens if I don't pay for my account?
    Your account will be suspended and your web site will not be accessible. Your account will then be deleted at the discretion of the company. It is your responsibility to ensure payments are made on time.

  3. How do I cancel and request a refund under the 14 day money-back guarantee?
    Please use the secure form: cancelaccount.php

    In the comments box state the 14 day guarantee.

  4. How do I cancel after the 14 day period?
    Please use the secure form: cancel.php

  5. Is there a minimum contract or commitment?
    Not at all. You can leave whenever you wish. Any fees paid up to the cancellation date will not be refunded (partially or in full).

  6. Do you accept PayPal?
    Yes, we accept paypal and payment methods listed on the order form (i.e. credit card)

  7. Do you accept wire-transfer or money order?
    No, we only accept the payment methods listed on the order form, unless you are ordering dedicated services.

  8. What is the billing name that will appear on my credit card statement?
    Your credit card statement will show as the merchant.

  9. Who do I contact to dispute any charges?
    If you have any questions or concerns about charges related to your 4qhost account please e-mail

  10. Do you offer any discount for transferring from a competitor?
    Unfortunately our rates are already extremely competitive hence we can not offer any further discounts.

  11. What happens if I exceed my bandwidth or disk space quota?
    We will contact you in advance to discuss possible options, we will never bill you for extra bandwidth or disk space without your explicit agreement first.

  12. I only need a fraction of your xyz Plan, can I get a discount?
    Unfortunately not. Our plans are preset, in order to maintain a high-level of service we can not offer any discount.

  13. Does it cost anything to upgrade my account?
    There are no extra charges for upgrading your account, just the increase in monthly billing from the next billing date and a pro-rata charge for the difference in price for the remaining days in the month.

  14. Does it cost anything to downgrade?
    No, you can downgrade at any time, your lower monthly fee will come into force the next time you are billed. Any fees paid up to the downgrade date will not be refunded (partially or in full).

  15. I need an invoice, can you supply me with one?
    We can supply a PDF format invoice for $10 and hard-copy invoice for additional $25 per invoice.

Content Related Questions
  1. Will 4qhost host adult/erotic web sites?
    No, We donot host adult-sites.

  2. Can I upload MP3s for download by visitors?
    You can use your web space as you please. Hence as long as you have distributions rights and own the copyright on the MP3s then you can upload them. You can not store or publish MP3s for which you do not own the copyright or have permission to distribute.

  3. Do you host warez, appz or serialz websites?
    We do not host any warez related websites, this includes sites web linking to such material.

  4. Can I host a Java chat site?
    No, we donot allow java chat site.

  5. Can I host a VBulletin or PHPBB or InvisionBoard forum?
    Yes, we generally have no problems with any of above PHP forums.

  6. Do you allow any extreme right-wing or left-wing content?
    Unfortunately due to the increased risk of denial of service attacks on such web sites we can not host any extreme right-wing or left-wing content, this includes but not limited to web sites aimed at provoking racial tension.

  7. Can I use Yabb , UBB or Ikonboard?
    Perl based forums and bulletin boards are not allowed, experience shows that these are a major resource hog on the servers due to way they are implemented. PHP based forums such as Invision Board and VBulletin are much more resource friendly.

Secure Server and SSL Questions

  1. What encryption does the secure certificate use?
    The encryption is 128bit, under the trusted GeoTrust root.

  2. Is it safe to send credit card details using the secure certificate access?
    Yes, 128bit provides robust encryption suitable for sensitive details such as credit card numbers and bank details. In addition all our servers operate on their own exclusive subnet preventing any snooping that might occur during transit.

  3. Will my scripts still work when using the secure certificate to access them?
    Yes, your scripts should function as normal, the only difference will be that data is sent and retrieved securely in an encrypted state.

  4. How do I install my own certificate?
    - If you already have your secure certificate, we will install it for free.
    - Or we can provide secure certificate for $99/year (GeoTrust QuickSSL). If you buy GeoTrust QuickSSL certificate directly from it will cost you $150/year. You can also use Thawte or Verisign, however be advised that you will need to prove your corporate identity with these vendors and it could take several days to process.
    - After the certificate is installed you can call any of the pages on your domain securely like this:

  5. Can you register, install and setup the certificate for me?
    Yes, we charge $99 per year for such service, due to the external certificate costs this must be paid upfront and no refunds can be issued.

  6. Can the SSL certificate be backed up?
    It is your responsibility to ensure the safe keeping of your private key, certificate request and issued web server certificate. These may be necessary if you decide to transfer your hosting account and install the certificate elsewhere.

  7. Can I access cPanel and Webmail securely?
    For secure cPanel please use:
    For secure webmail use:

Control Panel Questions
  1. What control panel do you issue to clients?
    Every account created comes with cPanel 9. cPanel is a fully-featured web-based control panel that allows you to manage your domain through a web interface. The idea is to transfer as much of the control and responsibility of managing your web site to you. You have the ability to manage all aspects of email, files, backup, FTP, CGI scripts, and web site statistics.

  2. Do you have a demo of the control panel?
    cPanel control panel URL:
    username: demo99c

  3. Can I create, modify and delete e-mail accounts from the control panel?
    Yes, you can create, modify and delete mail accounts, forwards, autoresponders, filters and mailing lists in realtime from within the control panel.

  4. Can I create add-on and parked domain from the control panel?
    Yes, parking a domain on top of your primary account and creating add-on domains can be done in realtime from within the control panel.

  5. How do I access my control panel?
    To access your control panel use:
    Or alternatively if you are waiting for your domain to transfer use one the following depending on which server you are located on:

  6. Can I access my control panel securely?
    Yes, all clients can access cPanel over HTTPS (secure connection) via: https://ip:2083

  7. Do you have a Spanish/German version of the control panel?
    Yes we have control panel themes with spanish and german language support.

PHP Questions
  1. What version of PHP do your servers use?
    We use PHP 4.3.4 We upgrade to the latest version of PHP regularly to ensure hassle-free development and security.

  2. What file extension must php files have?
    PHP files must have the .php extension in order to be recognized as PHP files by the server.

  3. Can I run PHP scripts in CGI mode?
    Yes, in addition to the default mod_php processing unit we also have the php executable installed on all our servers. If you wish to run PHP as CGI, start you script with following:

    //code in here

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